The first time I heard 1901 by Phoenix was around age sixteen, shortly after it was released. I listened to all sorts of music back then, but I really fell in love with this song. It was something fresh and lively; a definite departure from the norm in both mainstream pop and indie. This was something new, something almost reminiscent of hyperpop.
Having the opportunity to work on this song would be a dream come true, and something I could never pass up. So when I came across an ad for a Phoenix mix competition, I couldn't resist.
Listening to this song over and over again in production allowed me the opportunity to relive some memories and think about some things. I thought about time, others, the self, our relationships, and change. Even though we may be separated by things like time and distance—things that change—it seems that there is something that doesn’t.
This production is dedicated to an old friend of mine.
Stream my remix of 1901 by Phoenix over at the SKIOMUSIC website!