High-Performance USB Hub with Integrated Power Supply, Power Conditioning, and Power Management
Front and rear view of a High-Performance USB Hub developed by JOHN E. REYNOLDS
The invention presented herein is a USB hub device capable of providing reliable and stable power distribution to connected peripherals. The USB hub features an integrated power supply unit with power conditioning and isolation circuitry to ensure optimal performance and signal integrity. Additionally, a built-in controller manages data transfer and power distribution, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the device.
The USB hub described herein is designed to address the need for a high-quality, reliable, and versatile connectivity solution for audio production environments, home offices, and professional studios. The hub is housed in a compact and durable enclosure suitable for rack-mounting applications.
Integrated Power Supply Unit
The USB hub incorporates an internal power supply unit capable of delivering stable and clean power to connected peripherals. This eliminates the need for external power adapters and simplifies installation and setup.
Power Conditioning and Isolation Circuitry
The hub features power conditioning and isolation circuitry designed to filter and regulate incoming power from the main power source. This ensures consistent power delivery, minimizes electrical noise, and reduces the risk of signal interference, resulting in improved audio quality and reliability.
Built-in Controller
A dedicated controller is integrated into the USB hub to manage data transfer and power distribution efficiently. The controller coordinates the flow of data between the host device and connected peripherals, optimizing bandwidth utilization and ensuring smooth operation under varying load conditions.
The USB hub offers a range of connectivity options, including USB-A and USB-C ports on both the front and back panels. This allows users to connect a variety of USB-enabled devices, such as audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, external hard drives, and more. The Ethernet port on the back allows for easy network connectivity.
User Interface
LED indicators on the front panel provide visual feedback on power status and power conditioning, allowing users to monitor the operational status of the hub at a glance. A simple power button will be added to the back of the device in upcoming iterations for convenient on/off control of the device.
Enhanced reliability and stability due to integrated power supply and power conditioning.
Simplified setup and installation with built-in controller and internal power supply.
Versatile connectivity options for a wide range of USB-enabled devices.
Intuitive user interface with LED indicators and power switch for easy monitoring and control.
The USB hub described herein represents a significant advancement in connectivity technology, offering a comprehensive solution for audio production, studio recording, and general-purpose computing applications. With its integrated power supply, power conditioning, and built-in controller, the hub provides unparalleled reliability, performance, and convenience to users across various industries and applications.
Front and rear view of the High-Performance USB Hub developed by JOHN E. REYNOLDS (large).